Pyeongchang 2018: What’s on the Menu

I’m currently in S. Korea and wrote a post over at Brighter Green about the preparations underway for the Winter Olympics in 2018, and promotions, like this highway billboard sign, for Korean Beef during the games. The post also touches upon some other issues related to animal agriculture and climate change:

The strains of industrial animal agriculture continue to show. In Anheung in Gangwon-do, where tens of thousands of pigs were buried alive, water supplies have become contaminated. The government is currently installing tunnels and pipes to transport water from a different region to each home in this area.

In the summer of 2012, the heat wave has led to the death of over 830,000 farm animals in Korea, mostly chickens. The recent drought in the U.S. has also affected Korea. With decrease in production of U.S. crops used in animal feed, there has been less available for export, and prices for animal feed are soaring in Korea. The cost of beef in Korea, interestingly though, has been going down because farmers can no longer afford to feed their animals, so they are selling them off. There’s currently a surplus on the market, driving the price of beef down.

What will the next few years leading up to 2018 bring in terms of climate and agriculture?  Read more.

Globalize the Struggle! On the Korea U.S. Free Trade Agreement

I wrote a post on Brighter Green‘s blog about the teach-in I attended  in Zuccotti Park on the Korea U.S. Free Trade Agreement. Check it out here.  Also, there will be an International Day of Solidarity with the Occupy Seoul on November 22, 2011.  In New York City, folks will be gathering at noon  in front of the South Korean Consulate on E 45th Street between First and Second Avenues.